About the Author

Tania Richter is the creator behind the Infinite Winds series, a set of yet-to-be-published fantasy novels. She is a fifth year senior pursuing a double major in Music and English, with a Web Design minor, and hails from a smallish town somewhere in the land of eternal road construction. In her rare free time, she enjoys watching Anime and reading, along with drawing, painting, knitting, playing video games and listening to music. This website is dedicated to allowing fans of fantasy in all forms to track her progress.

About the Books

The books that all fall under the general series title of Infinite Winds are all in some way related to one another and to the way that the Infinite Winds universe works. Currently, there are expected to be eight books released that deal directly with the main storyline, although only four of those eight are expected to be written in a traditional series format. For more information, see the Novels Page.
To see some short stories (most in some way associated with the main series), check out the Short Stories Page.