Final Saga of the Twilight War

2500 years ago, 10 champions set out to stop a war and save the world. They failed. Now, their descendents must take up the blade to in order to finish the task the first 10 failed to achieve.

Perhaps the first real series I ever began, Final Saga of the Twlight War is planned to be a four book series. This is the culmination of much of the happenings in the universe of Infinite Winds, and presents the Twilight War. The final book of the series brings together a large cast of characters (currently numbering somewhere in the 70's) in what is projected to be a four book series. The final book brings together many characters that are presented through the numerous books and side stories in the Infinite Winds universe, acting along the same lines asĀ The Eternal Stair.

More info will come as the book gets closer to being sent out to publishers.

This series has nothing to do with Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. It is not a fanfic of any sort. It is entirely original, and was begun many years before the Twilight series.